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Peter Doobinin, The Skill of Living.

Peter Doobinin

The Skill of Living

The Skill of Living explicates the Buddha’s path for developing the skillful qualities of generosity, ethical conduct, renunciation, truthfulness, effort, determination, discernment, lovingkindness, patience, and equanimity. These qualities are considered “skillful” because, when cultivated, they lead us to greater happiness. We build these qualities, Peter Doobinin emphasizes, by practicing skills. The Buddha taught skills. He didn’t say “practice generosity” and leave it at that. In The Skill of Living Peter shows us how to cultivate skills. Teaching the dharma, the Buddha’s path, in New York City for many years, Peter has learned how to help people cultivate these skills while living as householders, with jobs, families, and myriad responsibilities, amidst the speed and complexity of the modern world.

The Skill of Living exemplifies Peter’s clear, thorough, wholehearted, down-to-earth approach to dharma practice. The joy he finds in teaching the dharma shines through on every page. Whether you’re a long-term student or somebody who simply wants to have a better life, The Skill of Living offers a way to develop profound, life-changing skills. It is an invitation to explore a precious teaching, to know a greater happiness in your life.

The eight-fold path. Path into the forest.
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Meditating Buddha sculpture.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Getting Started:
With Each and Every Breath
Meditations (Books 1-8)
Noble Strategy

On the Path
The Five Faculties
The Karma of Mindfulness

Right Mindfulness
The Karma of Questions
Purity of Heart
Head & Heart Together
Wings to Awakening
Handful of Leaves (Books 1-5)
Skill in Questions
The Paradox of Becoming
The Shape of Suffering
Mind Like Fire Unbound
Selves & Not Self

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Ajaan Lee

Keeping the Breath in Mind
Inner Strength
Food for Thought
The Autobiography of Ajaan Lee
The Skill of Release
Frames of Reference

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Ajaan Suwat

A Fistful of Sand

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Ajaan Maha Boowa

Straight from the Heart
Things as They Are

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Ajaan Buddhadasa

Mindfulness with Breathing

Joseph Goldstein

The Experience of Insight
Seeking the Heart of Wisdom

Sharon Salzberg


Jack Kornfield

A Path with Heart
Seeking the Heart of Wisdom
Living Dharma

Larry Rosenberg

Breath By Breath

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Wherever You Go, There You Are
Full Catastrophe Living

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